Sunday, October 31, 2010

Beyond the Clouds

I love hot air balloons. For lots of reasons. My brother would probably say because we're both full of hot air :) Hot air balloons have always been profound to me. This summer as I drove to Oakcrest each Monday morning, I would pass through the small town of Heber, UT. And every time I did I saw hot air air balloons rising into the sky going where ever they wanted soaring to great heights all while the passengers are contained by a cube with the top cut off. Some times when we look at the sky we see low dreary clouds and our brain pictures them as the limit to the sky. But hot air balloons can go straight through those clouds to the never ending possibilities on the other side. I love it. I think we should all be a little more hot air balloon-like. Bursting through the clouds of our life so we can realize the amazing potential on the other side.
Sometimes we see a single hot air balloon in the sky on its own journey that its enjoying and exploring independently. Other times we see huge groups or festivals of hot air balloons that fill the sky with bubble shaped adventure. Like with life, sometimes we have to leave the world behind to reach new heights. Other times, our friends, family, and those around us are on the voyage with us and we all are rising above the blanness and complication of life on land.
Not only that, but have you ever seen a dreary hot air balloon? I think not! They are always so colorful and vibrant and happiness invoking.
Now, if you are thinking, "I would love to be like that but hot air balloons have hot air which comes from propane, and I don't have either of those things." I have two words for you. Jesus Christ. The Savior is the propane and when you follow Him you allow for your balloon to be filled with hot air which lifts you off the ground. That's it. Love and follow the Savior.
To sum up... be a hot air balloon.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Goldie Girl

I love my last name. I love it more than my first name. Maybe it's because I have golden hair, so it fits me (not golden as in the blondies that fake "gold" but actually literally gold). Maybe it's because I am known as Goldielocks to very significant people in my life. Maybe it's because all of my girls at Oakcrest were "Goldie Girls" and that makes me forever linked to them. But I think mostly it's because of the connection and love that I feel with my family, especially my mom and sisters when I think of my last name. It will be a sad day when I have to give up that beautiful, sweet, good feeling last name. But until then, I'm happy being a Goldie Girl and love all the meanings that has in my life.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Spilled Milk, More Like Warm Milk

Do you ever pour yourself a cold delicious glass of milk, drink approximately half of the contents of the glass, set the glass down on the counter or the floor next to the couch where you are reading, get side tracked, come back to the milky deliciousness an hour later, take a big swig and realize that in your distraction your milk reached room temperature and you want to gag?

Me neither.