Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Meet My Valentine...

To all those who seem to be confused by the prolonged nature if my singleness: I feel the need to assure you that I do interact with men.
In fact, I will tell my latest love story. Last fall I was riding the bus in good old Provo and a man got on. Yes a real live man. He came and sat across the aisle. The man started chatting with the guy in front of me, but it was obvious he was just too nervous to talk to me directly. Finally he got up the courage and conversation sparked between us. He then proceeded to tell me his life story and how he was throwing a benefit concert for the Children's Hospital. I didn't believe him but I went along with it. Then he handed me this:I asked who the performer was and he said it was him! Check out this hunk!
So I knew from the start, he was different. Match made in heaven?
I think yes! He may have been 45, homeless, crazy, and had a voice that sounded like the cookie monster, but it was love at first sight. Why would I want a boyfriend when I can have interactions like this!? I hope my mom approves!

Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm A Big Kid Now

Last week I did something that I have been too terrified to do thus far in my life.

I went out to dinner.
By myself.
On a Friday night.
At a sit down restaurant.
With a waiter.
And people at other tables.
But not at mine.
It was a proud moment.

I won't lie, it was uncomfortable. But I played it cool. Like a classy girl in a cafe who enjoys just hanging out with herself. I did use my journal as a buffer though. I sat and wrote like a mad woman. I think the waiter was more uncomfortable with it than I was. He kept coming up to me while I was eating just to chat. I think so I wouldn't be lonely. But I was perfectly content to just sit and enjoy my time. Shame attack! I'm a grown up. Next up, going dancing alone. It might be a while before I get that much gumption though.

Monday, February 6, 2012

My Dreams

Things are rolling.

Oakcrest is going great! We start interviewing the staff tomorrow. It is hard to keep my excitement under control. I cannot wait to spend my summer in my home away from home.

School is school. I'm just finishing up, but it's hard to find motivation when I'm so close to the end! But let's be honest, it was hard to be motivated at the beginning because you have to first get used to things, then in the middle there's the half way lull, and now I'm near the end. So really, I've done no actual work for the past two years. But somehow I've made it through. My explanation:

Now to the new big dreams I have.
I want to go to Israel. Jerusalem specifically. I want to see and walk in the places I've only read about and seen pictures.
The problem. I can't find anyone with the time or money to go. I want to go in May before Oakcrest starts. I could go by myself, but being a young girl, I'd rather not get kidnapped or killed. Thus, I opt to use the buddy system when traveling out of the country. So,
Do you want to go to Israel? You should come. With me. In May. Or if you know anyone who could or would go, let's be friends.