Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An Odd One

Happy St. Patty's Day! I hope its a great one. For me today was one of those bizarre days where everything is just kind of off. I thought I'd share in case you need a good giggle or want to feel better about yourself.

First, I started my day with my internship. My supervisor was out the office so I sat with one of her co-workers and watched her do paperwork for THREE HOURS. It was stellar. I kind of wanted to pull my eyeballs out of my head. But I didn't.

Then as I got home the sun was shinin' and I was feelin' good. I went to change my clothes for class and decided.... CAPRIS!! Woot Woot! So as I put on my first pair of capris of the year they reminded me I am WHITE. Not white as in I could never be gangsta' but white as in super pale. Although the first context applies considering I'm a white girl who wears capris.

Anyways, my first pair of capris also made me aware of the fact that I haven't shaved for a while. So I rolled up the pants and headed for the bathtub razor in hand. I hopped in (fully clothed) and right as I turned the knob I realized someone left the shower knob pulled and I was soaked head to toe :) All I could do was laugh at myself.

Then I go to class and my professors and classmates are almost giddy. I laughed my head off all day because everyone was acting so weird. It was great. And as I rode my bike home tonight, the dog that usually chases me stood on the sidewalk and just barked. Score!

This is more detail than I'm sure you would ever care to know about my life but all in all, today was bizarre, and full of giggles. Hopefully I gave you some too. Probably not as much as I gave myself though.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

May 5th. That's the day I'm leaving for Utah. I don't think I could be more excited!
I got a job working at an LDS girls' camp for the summer, and I am unbelievably stoked! I really feel like I have a purpose to fulfill at this camp and am already being spiritually prepared for it. I love when you know you're doing what God wants you to do and are going where he wants you to go, and that feeling has come stronger than anything this weekend. I love my life.

This week is spring break, and you know what I'm doing? Writing a 20 page paper about pornography. And I'm actually excited about it. Maybe I should clarify... I'm writing about the detrimental effects of pornography on individuals and families. I had to give one presentation on my topic already and I'll make another one next month after I'm done with the paper. And for the record only a few people in my class agreed with me that pornography is harmful. Its times like these that I wish I was doing my undergrad at BYU where I'd like to think most would agree. But who knows, maybe my research will help at least one person in my class make better decisions and give up something that can destroy them.
And, if its any consolation to me... I didn't do my undergrad at BYU but I sure as pie will be doing my grad work there! Can I get a WOOT WOOT!!!

I have a lot of random wonderful thoughts flowing through my head today, but instead of burning you out on my ramblings all at once I'll write them down and share them a little at a time.
I would like to add however, that the bitter of the bitter-sweetness of moving out west has begun to set in. Being home for break it has started to sink in that I'm leaving this place that is so dear to my heart. But I'll expand on that more at a later date.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Little Late

But TOTALLY worth the wait.....

I laughed for about half an hour after seeing these. I LOVE these kids!