Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back to Basics

Now that my life is somewhat back to a routine I figured I should start my Sunday lists again.
So, people I really appreciate this week:
  1. Dawna Kennedy-she's a great advice giver and just a wonderful person!
  2. Bekah-technically it was last week but she really made me feel like someone cared about my silly life.
  3. My dad- he works ridiculously hard all the time for everyone and rarely does anything for himself. He is way under appreciated. I doubt he reads my blog but, I love you dad! Thanks for all you do!

Things I'm grateful for/made me happy this week:

  1. That my psychological test on my niece and nephew worked :)
  2. That the Relief Society lesson today was just what I needed.
  3. The fact that I can go to bed as early or as late as I want.
  4. I can choose what to do with my time now!! Being out of school is fantastic. I can do my online work where and when I want. Its great.
  5. That I have my old car and SUNROOF back. I felt like I was cheating on it with the new car. But I'm back with my old friend and we're ready for some new adventures.
  6. My wonderful plans for this week!

Life is good. This week I'm looking forward to finishing one of my online classes, GOING OUTSIDE for a change, having the PA Goldies come visit, having ELIZA over, and birthday week is here. And I might get a new camera this week to document it all.

Does life get better than this? I think NOT!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm Back!!!

After a little longer than the two weeks I promised, I'm back and I survived the craziest 7 weeks of my life!! And in case you're interested, here's what I've been up to:

I had a five week term of summer in which I took way more classes than I should have. During that time, I stayed up way later and had way more fun than I should have. I need to say a HUGE thanks to Andrea and Jeremy, but especially Andrea. I think I laughed more in those five weeks than I have in the entire past year(which is a lot). We had a blast and for the first time since I moved away to school I felt like I had a friend there. It made things so much easier and although our fun encouraged procrastination for my school work, it kept me from cracking under the pressure of 11 hours days in class. And alls well that ends well. I got straight A's!!! Andrea, I will miss our fun times. Who's going to laugh at my ridiculously not funny jokes anymore?! It was the best summer I could have had while in school!! And Jeremy, I'll see you around Pal :)
So after school was over, the next thing on the agenda was Pennsylvania! And to get there, I flew ALONE for the first time. I discovered I like it. With all the craziness of flying with family I forgot how magical flying is. I felt like I was in the movie UP!
So to commemorate my first solo expedition I bought a T-shirt in Philly, where I had my connection to State College. And of course documentation was needed:
So Bekah, my lovely sister-in-law, had to go to their stake's Girls' Camp for a week and I volunteered to watch these crazy kids while she was there and Brad went to the office.
Now those are two handsome boys!!

One of my aunting duties for the week was putting Chase to bed. Needless to say, we had a good time.

I had to add this one. His face is too cute.

I think of everything, this was my favorite part (please ignore my loud and obnoxious voice, just pay attention to him):

During that week Brad (my brother) gave me intense GRE training boot camp. Thanks for your help Brad. Then Mom and Dad came and we enjoyed the 4th of July weekend together.

Ok, so here's the latest major thing. This week was my stake's Girls' Camp and as of Monday morning I was planning to come to visit for an hour or so one day. Monday afternoon I found out an extra sleeper was needed. And by Tuesday it was decided I would just stay all week! So I was an "adult leader" at camp. It was fantastic! All I had to do was go and HAVE FUN! And whip my girls into shape when they got out of line, which of course never happened ;) Now I'm ready to catch up on my sleep!

The best part of all was that I got to spend a CRAZY week with this CRAZY girl! Which included lots and lots of walking and lots and lots of talking!
This picture is the essence of our friendship. No one understands it but us, and it always makes me smile :)

Eliza is one person who no matter how hard she tries, she's never going to get rid of me! I like her way too much to let her get away! Hope you don't mind Liza!

I can't say enough how much I love this girl!!!!!

I have been unbelievably blessed when it comes to friends lately. When I have a ton to do, I think about it a lot and then I just get more and more stressed. But I've had a few wonderful people that have kept my mind off of things and gave me a break in between all the assignments and exams. I'm so glad I got to go to Girls' Camp! It was much needed break from school work and GRE!
So the rest of my summer will consist of:
  • finishing 3 online classes
  • majorly studying for the GRE (as I'm sure Brad will be glad to hear)
  • a visit from the PA Goldies
  • a visit to UTAH!!!! to see some old friends
  • a visit from Eliza
  • a visit from Andrea
  • spending lots of time with my Zeigler niece and nephews
  • just hanging out in the pool and enjoying summer!
  • and whatever else comes my way!!

In short, I LOVE my life!!

P.S. If anyone has any GRE studying/taking tips, I would love to hear them!