Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nooks and Crannies Stick with Us Forever

Today I pulled down my tool box from my closet to get some nails for my roommate. The chair I stood on to reach the toolbox was needed elsewhere so I climbed back up and replaced the toolbox while my roommate still had my nails. When she returned the nails, the toolbox was all the way at the top of my closet and I didn't want to bring the chair back in, so my solution: Throw the box up with a curve so it can get over the ledge and land in the toolbox. I try, I fail. I try, I fail. I try a third time. Again, I fail. However, the third time, instead of the failure consisting of the box landing on the floor or me catching it, the failure consisted of the box OPENING and hundreds of nail raining down on my face. It was awesome.

I began to pick up the nails that landed on the floor. When I looked up I saw some shiny things resting on top of and in between the items of clothing hanging in the closet. So I shook out what I could and picked them up. Then I thought, "I wonder how many nails are still in the nooks and crannies of my clothing. In the folds, the wrinkles and otherwise." Then I thought, "Oh well, when I wear the clothes or move to another apartment they'll get pulled out." Then I thought, "Some of these clothes I may never wear again (let's be honest, we all have a large amount of clothes we never wear) and when I move I just grab full sections of clothes and pile them in the car, they never get separated." So then I thought, "I wonder how many of the nails that are stuck there now, will stay in the crevices of my clothing for years without me knowing it." Then I thought, "I wonder how many things this could apply to. Nails, crumbs, lint, strings, hairs, or anything else our clothing, bedding, books, backpacks or anything else might acquire in the nooks and crannies." We never notice them but we may take them across the country with us, and have them for very long periods of time.

So here's to the nails which may be with me for years to come. I wonder what you've got in your nooks and crannies.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


In case you haven't heard:


Last week was the wedding and reception and Mal and her hubby are already back in Idaho. My big sister is now a wife and I must find a new partner in crime. We are happy to have another Jeff in the family. Welcome my new brother-in-law. I hope you know you just inherited a little-sister-moocher. You've been warned. :)

At the wedding I was humorously made aware that I am the only single one left. We did a sibling picture with the brides family and all was dandy. My brother, two sisters and I all smiled happily.
Then they added the sibling spouses. As one by one the spouses came, I was pushed farther and farther to the side until I wound up on the end all by myself, behind one of my bros-in-law. Of course everyone giggled and they pulled me towards the middle so I didn't look so pitiful on the end. And in the background I heard my brother singing "One of these things is not like the others."

Maybe this should have made me feel bad because of the lack of romantic love in my life. But all I could think was "Suckers! You have to be adults! I still get to do whatever I want!" Not the most meek thing but, being the only single sibling remaining, has kindled the vagabond spark in me. I know eventually someday I'll get married and have a family, and be really happy doing it. But seeing my siblings and many of my good friends take on lifestyles where they now are accountable to spouses and children makes me want to live up my single days! And travel the world and do humanitarian service, and just be free!

As of last Wednesday I am the last original Goldie Girl. There are two current Goldie Girls (my wonderful sister-in-law and me), but of the original 3, I'm the only one left. And for some reason, this gives me the overwhelming desire to RUN from men and be a free free Goldie. And keep the last name that matches my hair so well. Oh, I just never want to grow up!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Woes of a Quality Timer

Have you ever heard of love languages? You know... touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, and gifts. Well, I'm a quality timer (and a little bit words of affirmation). The intent of sharing this is not to express to you how you can best show love for me (although, might be a perk). My intent is to complain. Imagine for a minute an individual. To this individual, time with other people means a lot. And this individual spends most of their "free time" alone. Sad right? Pity me!

On the plus side, I went home last weekend!!! It was great! AND I'm going home AGAIN 11 days from now. Woot! Saying this just gave me the realization of everything I have to do in 11 days. Yikes!

Life is busy, life is full, life is good.

P.S. I love swing sets, and sunshine, and ice cream.

P.P.S. It's true, girls really do just wanna have fun.