Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Best. Day. EVER!

I boldly declare:
Dreams do come true :)

Corny I know, but I got a call today informing me that I GOT ACCEPTED INTO BYU FOR GRAD SCHOOL!!!!!!! (Notice the blue for Cougar spirit) If you don't know me or haven't read my blog before, this has been what I've wanted and thought about nonstop for a very long time. The prayers, fasts, and hopes of SO MANY people went into this. I still am a little shocked and it hasn't completely hit me that I will be moving to Utah in 69 days. Seriously, best news of my life!!!

Over the past week I've had a lot of good learning moments and I've tried really hard to have the full attitude that I will go where ever Heavenly Father wants me to be. And for once, where he wants me is also my first pick of where to be. I cannot explain how happy I am right now. My life is AWESOME!!!!!

Also, I got some pretty SWEET news from one of my professors today that was just the icing on the cake.

I'm going to be a Marriage and Family Therapist and I'm going to BYU to learn how to be one! I don't think this statement is going to get old for quite some time. I LOVE MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My classes are cancelled for tonight because of the weather so I was done by 3:15! And I'm as happy as an elementary school child who gets the whole day off to make snow men with the neighborhood kids. I love snow!
Just thought I'd share the joy! :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gotta See It

A very special movie aired this weekend for the second time on CBS. If you have or know someone who has Tourette's/Tic Disorder(that's me!) you should see this movie. It will change your life!

Its about a man named Brad Cohen who wants to be a teacher and also happens to have Tourette Syndrome. It goes through his story as a kid with Tourette's and finally figuring out why he was moving and making noises and couldn't help it. And it takes you through his journey of trying to find a job as a teacher while almost everywhere turns him down because they don't think he can teach while he tics like he does.

Jimmy Wolk and Dominic Scott Kay who both play Brad in the movie (one as an adult one as a child) are both FANTASTIC actors! They did an awesome job at showing what tics are really like. It was amazing and extremely accurate.

I love that this movie showed that tics don't have to hold you back. We're normal, we just happen to tic. So what? We can do anything anyone else can :)

I cried in the first 10 minutes and the entire rest of the movie. I already ordered it on DVD and the book. And it aired at the perfect time for me. Recently I've had a couple instances where people were questioning my ability to be a counselor/therapist with Tic Disorder. Of course I assured them that it hasn't caused me a problem so far, and I didn't think it would in the future. But afterwards it made me question myself, and think, "Do they have a point? Is this hindering things and I don't let myself acknowledge it?" Brad Cohen's story reminded me, I'm not doing as well as I am despite of Tic Disorder, I'm doing as well as I am because of it(a corny yet true modified line from the movie).

Check out this movie! And if you want to know more about Tourette's, Tic Disorder, Brad Cohen, or the movie, I posted some links on the right side of my blog. Have at it.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

This Has Been...

...The longest week of my life. Waiting to find out where I'm going to be living in 85 days is a nail biter. I can't focus on anything longer than 10 minutes because I get sidetracked fantasizing about and hoping for Utah. Hopefully I'll find out sometime this week and the anticipation can be put to rest. Of course then there's Oakcrest :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Heart Happy Valley

I spent last weekend in wonderful Utah. And it was... wonderful. The amazing Dudleys let me stay with them and lugged me all over Salt Lake. Basically, they are fantastic. While in Provo I spent tons of fun time with Brittany and Chelsey, two friends from my home stake. We stayed up late talking about life, and boys, and giggling our little hearts out. Oh how I miss them already.
While I was in Utah I went to my first BYU basketball. It was quite exciting.

And I had my interviews for BYU and Oakcrest. And let me say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who was praying for me during those interviews. Quite a few people have let me know they were thinking of me. I felt the love. Thanks. I think both interviews went well. All I can say is I was totally myself. We'll see how things turn out. Wish me luck!

P.S. This Saturday (February 6th) there is a movie on CBS about a teacher with Tourette's. You should check it out. I know I will :)