Friday, August 2, 2013

Welcome to 22

After a hiatus of sorts, I've decided to return to this blog as my own little corner of the web. Granted, I rarely have enough interest in knowing what's going on in anyone's head to read facebook posts, let alone entire blog posts. But here I am anyways.

Oh my 21. What a year. Let's be honest, it was kind of the worst. Like a lot. While I was 21 I... did not graduate from grad school, cancelled my mission call, moved back in with my parents, and have done nothing with my life. Basically, I'm a winner.

But don't worry, it's not as bad as it sounds. This year has taught me that (1) things never go as planned... shocker (2) as uncomfortable as it is to admit and accept, I can't do it alone and I have to be willing to rely on other people sometimes, and maybe a lot of times and (3) I have the absolute most generous and supportive parents anyone could ask for (I already knew that, but it has been re-enforced to the max).

This year has contained the death of one of my best friends, 2 times driving to Ohio and back, 2 moves across the country, over 25 airplane rides (but really), the proposal of my thesis, one of the most fun summers I've ever had, and lots of confusion of where I'm supposed to go and where I'm supposed to be.

Last week, to celebrate the end of a year that while profoundly eventful, was not my favorite thus far, and the beginning of what I expect to be one of the best years yet, my roommates and I drove up to Kamas and hiked my favorite hike of all time. It's gorgeous and super easy. Hence, my favorite.


In case you're wondering where I am now and what I'm up to. I'm in Provo, working on my thesis for grad school and trying to graduate! I just decided that I am going to stay in Provo this fall. What I'll be doing in Provo this fall isn't completely clear but I always figure it out one way or another. 

Here's to being 22!