Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oh the Excitement!

Dear everyone that I know and love,

Something has happened. Something big.
If you have ever heard the word Oakcrest come from my lips you know that it is an LDS girls' camp and a place that I love with all of my heart. Well friends,

I'm going to Oakcrest!!!!!!!!!!!

I worked there summer of 2010 as a counselor and am now going to be one of the Assistant Directors for 2012. I am SO excited, if you can't tell. When I got the call I may have been speaking relatively calmly, but little did the person on the other line know that my body was jumping up and down and dancing around my apartment.

And, so as not to reveal the identity of the director if she does not want to be revealed, I just want to say this: When I walked into interviews and saw who the director for 2012 is, I literally teared up with happiness and excitement. I am so blessed to serve in the directorship with someone who I look up to, and consider one of my very best friends from Oakcrest. She is amazing. This is going to be great. I don't know the other 2 members of the directorship yet, but judging by facebook stalking, I think its going to be a fantastic 9 months between now and the end of camp.

This is going to be a summer of miracles.

And after that, I'm going on a mission. MY LIFE!! My smile couldn't be bigger.

Goldielocks (Yep I get to be Goldielocks again! Woot!)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ok, Are You Ready?

I'm ready... the decision is:

I'm going on a mission!!!!

In my church we have these things called missions. If you serve a mission, and you're a girl you go somewhere in the world and teach about the gospel for 18 months. At age 21 this becomes an option for girls if we want it. And I do. And it feels right. So I'm doing it!

So there you have it. Next summer I turn 21 and I'll put in my availability date for shortly thereafter. It's happening. Get ready for it.

Also, I got my response from Teach for America today. REJECTION! Just another confirmation that I'm making the right decision. And, PhD application deadlines are coming up. Naturally, I'm not applying because, I'm going on a mission. So, once those deadlines pass, I will officially have no other options for next year. Except get a job. And we all know that is NOT going to happen :)
Therefore, not applying to PhD programs is me fully committing myself to serving a mission. Happy future :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

And the Verdict Is....

Remember how I was trying to apply to and decide between all of the amazing things I could next fall? Well...

A decision has been made.

And it feels great.

And I'm surprised. But I'm excited.

Stay tuned for the decision. I'm not quite sure I'm ready for the big reveal yet. But if you are someone I see or talk to during a normal week, I've probably already told you. We all know how I'm awesome at keeping other people's secret but awful at keeping my own. But, I don't think I'm ready for an announcement yet. I am still waiting for it to sink in with me.

There is so much love in my life right now. In the words of Edwin McCain and later Sara Evans: I could not ask for more.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Happy

When I went on a road trip to California over the summer we took tons of snacks of course. One of these snacks were cookies. At one point I pulled out a cookie and this is what I saw:In the most unlikely places.