Monday, March 5, 2012

Sunshine Reminds Me Of...

It is so nice outside!!! It is wonderful. This weather gets me excited. But not for the reason you might think. Yes, it means I get to play outside all day long which is exciting. But more than that, it means a new adventure is beginning. Whenever summer weather begins it means the end of one section of a chapter and the beginning of another. And for me, this year it is the beginning of the last few paragraphs of a chapter that is closing. And that means the end of my time in Provo and at BYU.

Goodbyes are a long process for me (can you tell? After all I am already thinking about it and I still have 3 months of school left). They are long and sad, but I am really good at goodbyes. When the fact that I am leaving a part of my life sets in, I am sad and I know that I will miss what I am leaving. But as soon as I leave it behind, I am excited and ready for the next adventure. There is little dwindling or pining for what once was or missing what I once had. When I left Portsmouth 2 years ago, it was a sad moment. It was like I was leaving a part of me behind. I had my day of reverence for that beautiful place that changed my life, but the next I was ready to be on the road to Utah!

I am finishing seeing clients and I am in the last semester of actual classes. My time is ending. But when this phase of my life is over, I'm going to Oakcrest! And then I'm going on a mission! What more could I ask for?!

This goodbye is not as hard as others have been (not yet at least). The past two years have by far been the hardest of my life. My soul has been shaken several times. The things I thought would always be constant in my life amidst an ever changing world, I let go of. It has not been pretty. But, of course everything works out in the end. And among the very low points were shining and ever bright high points. And I want to remember every bit of it. Good. Bad. All. It has been two years of becoming.

Now I get to finish out the grad school phase with a bang! Live up having LDS roommates that are my age (which I will probably never have again) and all the goofy and fun things BYU Mormon culture has to offer. I am one luck girl. Sometimes the shadows of life come and block our view of the glorious road just beyond the shadow. But guess what. My shadow is gone, and I'm moving forward to a beautiful mountain.
Literally, the mountains of Kamas, UT where I will spend my summer

P.S. WE HAVE A STAFF FOR OAKCREST!!!!!!!!!!! We hired most of our fantastic staff over the weekend and I cannot wait to meet all of them again and have an amazing summer with them!